The Wilderness Picnic Company

Picnic at Waterfall near WildernessDiscover the hidden gems Wilderness has to offer with an eco-friendly, innovative, home-made, preservative free picnic. Conveniently delivered to your door (Hildesheim Guest House) free of charge in 100% biodegradable & compostable packaging. You choose the mood - we provide the food. Compliment your outdoor activity with a tailor made pre-packed lunch.

Waterfall Picnic

The Waterfall Picnic can be ordered with 3 hours notice, no later than 1 pm. All you need do is call us directly. Try a Canoe Trip with Eden Adventures and complete the experience with your pre-packed lunch. The basket will be delivered to you in a cooler bag which is returned to us. Delivery will be 15 mins before departure or commencement of your activity. Or take your picnic along for a leisurely hike to the waterfall or on the selection of beautiful trails Wilderness has to offer.

Our full range of picnics can also be ordered should you prefer one of our other options.

Our food is home-made and locally sourced. To support our committment to sustainablity and protecting the environment, your picnic is pre-packed in 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Other Picnic Spots

  • Victoria Bay
  • Dolphin Point
  • Map of Africa
  • Gallinule Bird Hide
  • The Wilderness Lagoon
  • The Half Collared Kingfisher Trail
  • Island Lake

The Woodville Big Tree

Contact Cecily on 081 261 4981 or at [email protected]

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